Daniel Strydom, Minute Man Press Bromley


This short testimonial aims to place the proverbial feather in Caroleo.co.uk’s cap.  When we first setup our business, we installed the customary broadband service and a single telephone line. We thought these would suffice in terms of handling our in- & outgoing calls and
also our card payment services.

Looking back, this was obviously a big mistake as we soon found ourselves waiting in a queue in order to use the telephone. Then there were also the countless number of times customers complained about their inability to get through to us.  One can only imagine how many potential business opportunities we missed because of our ‘telephonic inadequacies’.

Having listened to Anthony’s weekly pitch, it soon become apparent that his VoIP service might actually offer a good solution to our problem.
To me the most important considerations were Cost & Reliability, and the last thing I needed was to research and figure out a whole new telephone service.

From the moment I expressed my interest in the VoIP service, Anthony took charge and actually did most of the work himself. He even called BT and handled the switchover on our behalf. I can summarise the key benefits for us, as follow….
1. The switchover from BT was quick and seamless;
2. The new service has been both affordable and reliable;
3. The personal touch;
4. And finally, instead of one usable telephone, we now have four ….with the potential to expand at a later date.

I would have no reservations in recommending Caroleo.co.uk to anyone in need of a professional
telephone service for their business.

Daniel Strydom
Minuteman Press Bromley
Tel. 020 8313 1241

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